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What is High Impact Entrepreneurship and Why It Matters ?

12 Jan 2015 by Leyth Zniber

First what are we talking about? High impact entrepreneurship and investment are made to generate positive, measurable social or environmental return alongside financial returns.

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Entrepreneurship Empowerment Program

12 Jan 2015 by Leyth Zniber

The Application for the February 2015 Class of the Entrepreneurship Empowerment Program is now open until February 13 - Apply

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Impact News & Ressources

by Jessica Tasman-Jones

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about us

Our Vision

We aim to generate a societal shift to a more inclusive and equitable model by demonstrating that an organization that integrates both the social and the economic value chains creates both more material wealth and social prosperity than a traditional organization.

Our Mission

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Our Services

For Entrepreneurs

For Entrepreneurs

Training :

The technical and human skills for you to succeed

Incubation :

The structure and support to help you build a successful project

Seeding :

The financing and support to get you on the way to inclusive success

For corporation

For Corporations & NGOs

Inclusive Entre/Intra-preneurship Development:

The support to build a responsible and inclusive value chain within and around your organization

Inclusive Innovation Workshops:

The innovation to empower your organization through inclusion and collaboration

For Ecosystems

For Ecosystems & Communities

Advocacy :

To build a community to transform our system

Research & Analysis :

To develop the tools necessary to empower our communities

Partnership Support :

To help others establish their organization and reinforce our ecosystem

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